Fire Equipment Servicing

Fire Equipment Servicing

Are you maintaining your fire equipment correctly?

Do you have your Fire Safety Systems prepared to cope in the event of an emergency?

Please don’t wait for an emergency to happen before you have your Fire  systems checked to ensure that all
your fire equipment servicing  is compliant to the relevant installation standards and is functioning correctly.

Blaze Fire and Security’s routine maintenance programme will ensure that your fire equipment
and systems are regularly tested, serviced and maintained in accordance with current British Standards.

Our experienced Engineers will as part of this regularly scheduled programme, carry out the following Fire Equipment Servicing:

  •     Test all your fire safety equipment in accordance with current British Standards.
  •     Repair and replace components where required.
  •     Record all work performed in your site fire equipment log book or the certificate of inspection

Why Do You Need To Service  Fire Equipment and Systems Regularly?

Regulations require that all of your fire safety systems must  comply to a standard level of performance and therefore need to be regularly tested, serviced and maintained.

Cost Savings

  •     Increased  life expectancy of fire equipment and systems
  •     Reduced operating costs
  •     Reduced insurance premiums
  •     Extended equipment warranties

Providing Peace of Mind

  • Blaze Fire And Security Ltd provide your Company with Peace Of Mind by making sure that all of your equipment and systems are in working order and ready to operate should an emergency occur.

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call 08443350842.