Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless Fire Alarms




Installing, modifying and maintaining traditional Fire Alarm Systems not only involves the installation of the different components of the Fire Alarm System into their permanent positions, but it also involves the installation of what can sometimes be a substantial quantity of fire-rated cable. This cable can represent a significant cost because it has to be the right kind of cable to withstand heat and flames. Hard wired systems work well but what if:

  • You need fire protection for a large site that is essentially temporary and where installation of a hard wired system could be very challenging e.g. a construction site?
  • You are likely to need to move large sections of your fire rated cable and other parts of your Fire Alarm System due to changing services?
  • You are likely to need to extend your Fire Alarm System?

The fact that Wireless / Radio Fire Alarms work using radio transmitters (on a compliant and reliable frequency) instead of needing to install cables brings a number of great benefits:

  • Much greater flexibility and ease in installing, changing and enlarging the Fire Alarm System.
  • Faster installation times.
  • Savings from lower installation costs (because there are no cables and the installation is faster).
  • Less potentially costly disruption to business during installation.
  • Wireless alarm systems comply with the latest standards, BS5839-part1.
  • It is possible to have a hybrid system e.g. hard-wired in places and Wireless Fire Alarms in areas where they are required.

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